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Retail Car Dealerships 
" Manufacturer Standards have changed the face of the industry, its not just about providing candidates from retail background, It's about developing candidates and matching the right personalities to the right clients, its's our job to delve in to a clients requirements, all we're doing is providing a filling to each person's taste just like making a sandwich ! "

Patrick Harris - Group Business Development Manager - Automotive Recruitment Solutions


Retail Car Dealerships are at the forefront of the automotive industry.

With sites representing brands and manufacturer standards changing at an amazing rate, we know the imporatnce of supplying quality qualified candidates.

In 2015 alone there were in excess of 2.4 Million new car sales in the UK, with figures constantly on the rise and the new trend of lease vehicles, vehicle manufacturers are now increasing the customer services and efficiency is at the core of our client requirements.

Our confidence to grow and develop the current industry trends are at an all time high as our aim is to push from strength to strength.

We are extremely proud of our achievemnets and having built fantastic relationships and being preferred supplier to clients such as HR Owen plc, Jardine Motro Group, Inchcape Plc, Group One Automotive, Ford Retail and Porsche GB to name a few we can safely say that we are more than equipped to deal with both candidates and clients needs.

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