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Interview Tips 
Most of us fear the thought of an interview right?

Well this shouldn’t be the case as we know you’ve got the qualifications and employment history that our Client needs to fill their void.

Don’t come across nervous, work with us, we know you are the right candidate for the role we are sending you to.

Make sure you prepare for your interview, find out about the company you are going to, check out their website and find out what the company ethos is.

Remember the more info you have on the company the better you stand in being successful in your interview.

It’s now your time to shine and prove that YOU are the right person for the job and YOU have the passion to be successful in a career move to join your potential employer, treat it like your first date and make sure you dress to impress remembering to be conservative at the same time.

Below are a few tips to get you under way in sealing up your job interview.
  • Make sure you get to your interview at least 15 minutes early, look around and get a feel for your potential work surroundings 
  • If you are running late contact your consultant so we can advise our client on your behalf, but remember we need you to make an impression so leave extra early!
  • Polish your shoes and wear conservative colours (Blue, Grey, Black & White)
  • Do not wear white socks
  • Give the interviewer a firm business like handshake – show them you mean business!
  • Do not slouch, chew gum or smoke whilst in the waiting area, these things get noticed!
  • Eye contact is extremely important always give the interviewer 110% attention at all times
  • Take a copy of your CV and any references that you may have with you
  • Don’t give yes or no answers, always explain your answers
  • Point out your achievements and how you can benefit your potential employer's business
  • If applying for a productive role stress on your productivity at all times
  • Be natural and relaxed – Remember this is your time to shine
  • Make sure you can back up what you say you can do
  • Stress how much you want to work for the company
  • Don’t ask about sick pay, holidays, hours or salary at interview stage – leave that to us that is our job.....
  • If offered a position never reject it let us negotiate on your behalf
  • When asked about salary try not to mention figures say to them “ You’ve seen  my strengths and capabilities make me an offer of what you feel I’m worth and we can negotiate around our figure”
  • Emphasise how keen you are on the vacancy
  • Ask the interviewer how they feel you got on
  • Ask if the interviewer has any reservations about you and try to the address the interviewer’s reservations while you have the opportunity to
  • Ask sensible questions regarding prospects, training, uniform and any problems that need to be resolved
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