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Headhunting & Skillset Finder

" Any candidate can be found and any job can be found, with the right specification and our contacts we can locate anyone on behalf of our customers. The theory of 6 degrees of seperation explains headhunting in a nutshell, and with our systems, procedures, confidentiality and professionalism you can land the ideal candidate or even dream role, we just need to know the end user's needs."  

Patrick Harris - Group Business Development Manager  


Our purpose is to save time and money, of course we charge for our Client Services, although our candidates do get the benefit of our knowledge and expertise in the recruitment field for free, we're able to locate what others can't


Our Headhunting and Skillset finding service is unique.

With our approach we're able to asvise our clients what needs to be done to locate the right candidate for your role, whether it be an adjustment to your package or advising what needs to be done to entice the strongest candidates in the market. Of course these extras do come with a higher premium but we guarantee you will not be dissapointed in our results.

We've had companies that recognise there is a shortage of technicians in the local market area with a specific BRAND & SKILLSET that they were unable to locate through other sources and we found them through our network of clients.

With our skills & expertise we are able to assist our clients on what's needed to entice candidates that met these requirements from a different geographical area.

We are able to locate candidates from both the UK & Internationally, we're able to advise on relocation packages, Visa requirements and even accomodation to fulfill our customer requirements

We will advise our clients, hold Skype Interviews for international candidates and even set up specific days for assesments and interviews at a convenient location.

Contact us for further information.


If you're a candidate with a specific skill set and know of an employer that you wish to work for speak to us now, we have an extensive customer base and if we don't know about your lead we're pretty sure we'll soon change that, with our knowledge of both recruitment and the automotive industry, we can locate anyone on your behalf. 

We're not the average consultancy, we've had fantastic candidates that have been in the same role for the last 4 or 5 years and have been consistantly promised a step up the ladder but never come to fruition and have just become more and more stagnant in their current role, but from an employer's point of view, if you're performing and making money their is no reason for you to be promoted.

We've had service advisor's approach us and we've landed them £8K - £10k pay increase's as well as a step up the ladder to Service Reception Manager's or Assistant Service Manager,  we've done the same with Sales Executives and put them in to Controller role's and Business Manager roles with £5k - £10k plus on top of standard basic salaries too.

Whether you're looking to move from volume to prestige, move up the ladder or maybe even relocate geographically let us market your skill set in stong startegic mannner that benefits both you and your potential employer.


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