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Fast Fit 
Fast Fit Centres offer the general public a fantastic solution to help them carry on through their travels, whether it’s an exhaust, battery, tyre or another small problem, Fast Fit centres can be found very close to the majority of UK high streets and we know the importance of supplying quality personnel on a quick basis.

In 2014 vehicles are expected to have travelled 2.44 billion miles, so with more and more vehicles being sold and produced in the UK the Fast Fit industry is on the increase 
With candidates screened for each role we are more than confident in supplying the right personnel to fit your business.
We cover all aspects of the Fast Fit market so why not click on the links below to find out what we do or even for our suggestions on staff training or indeed your own training if you are a candidate.
Fast Fit Manager
Fast Fit Technician
Fast Fit Supervisor
Tyre Fitter
Service Receptionist
Register a vacancy or register your CV or please feel free to follow the links below for more information.

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